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to cutting-edge infrastructures

The facilities of Quebec universities, CCTTs, public research centres and companies house state-of-the art equipment of world-class calibre.

The objective of the IRDQ is to promote, in a concerted manner, Quebec’s cutting-edge equipments and associated expertises to the academic and industrial communities as a whole, in order to facilitate their use in the development of new applications. All available equipment comes with an expertise that can help bring your projects to fruition.


  • Facilitate industrialists’ access to cutting-edge equipment and expertise
  • Develop research expertise and foster the transfer of knowledge
  • Contribute to the training of qualified academic and industrial personnel


  • Strengthen ties between research and industry in order to meet new technological challenges
  • Develop research breakthroughs in “collaborative innovation” mode
  • Increase the innovation service offering through greater dialogue among the players


  • Promote Quebec expertise and ensure the profitability of research investments
  • Position Quebec on the international stage and consolidate its leadership
  • Raise the level of economic spinoffs through the mobilization and growth of the community