Solving Your Problems

A number of typical situations are likely to occur:

Sorting out technical development issues

IRDQ coordinators will help to solve your technological development problems by identifying the right equipment that will respond to your needs.

Different analytical solutions can be proposed  while identical services can be found through various laboratories. You will get the chance to select the most suited solution to your existing constraints (expertise, cost, deadlines, etc.).


Searching for specific equipment

You can select the equipment  from the list of available instruments found in our online portal.

If you can’t find the precise instrument, we will identify a variety of instruments able to provide similar services without compromising your geographical requirements or time deadlines. Otherwise, we will help to identify, guide towards,  other scientific platforms which hold this specific equipment.


Simplifying the administrative process

When several analyses are required from different laboratories, IRDQ can facilitate your administrative management process thanks to an open order system that allows you to manage the laboratory interface in a unique way.