Innovation Program

Most of the infrastructures represented in the IRDQ are members of the Québec-Innove network. As a result, you benefit from financial assistance under the Innovation program, which gives Quebec SMEs easier access to the research infrastructure needed for the provision of services.

Financing mode:

Projects with technological readiness levels between 1 and 6:

The projects must follow the experimental research and development definition :

« Experimental research and development (R&D) includes the systematic work done with the aim to increase and develop knowledge and to use it for new applications. R&D covers three activities : fundamental research, applied research and experimental development.»

Projects with technological readiness levels between 7 and 9:

The projects must answer the following criteria:

  • Structuring projects on technological, social or organizational innovation that aim to value and transfer the innovative knowledge and to demonstrate innovative research results, practice or processes.
  • Projects that answer the need of the applicant and involving structuring outcomes for the targeted activity sector or regional, national or international development.

Funding rates

The grant could reach 50 % of the autorized project expenses.
Industry contribution  has to involve at least 50% cash, out of its total contribution.

Grant amount

The maximum amount of the grant depends on the number of partners (see following table)

To access the full details of the program go to : Program Innovation