Have your equipment listed!

The key mission of the IRDQ is to showcase cutting-edge equipment available in Quebec, making it more easily accessible to outside academic and industrial users.

Based on a voluntary approach, the IRDQ’s philosophy consists in bringing together, within a single virtual laboratory, state-of-the-art infrastructures meeting 3 fundamental criteria:


The new equipment to be listed, as well as related expertise, must have a unique quality that will allow the IRDQ to expand its service offering in order to meet the needs of academic and industrial users, as well as increase its national and international outreach.


The new equipment to be listed must be accessible and available to outside users (academic or industrial).


The person in charge of the laboratory must agree to contribute to the dialogue, visibility and smooth operation of this single window implemented by the IRDQ (appointment of a contact person to coordinate and follow-up on requests).

You have state-of-the-art equipment and would like to reach the IRDQ? Contact us at info@irdq.ca